Hand Made Creations

Crafted with love, care & imagination

We don’t believe that an item bought from us is just an item or product; but more of a unique, one of a kind piece of art. To some- a stuffed animal is a friend, or a dorm buddy in college or even a collectors piece of their favorite animal. Each one is hand crafted and thought up from the incredible minds of Tylonproducts. While some of these critters are prototypes of new patterns; others are specially ordered commissions of customers and their pets. While a lot of these plush animals are no longer with us; they have found incredible new homes.

Below are some of our Hand Made Creations.

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Fire Bellied Newt

A Fire Bellied Newt; per suggestion. This animal has a pattern and is a smaller version than my usual salamander/ lizard pattern I use. I had this giraffe looking pattern for awhile and I used it on a lot of fish patterns previously but thought it would make a great under-belly for a fire bellied…



I always adored the dab fish (and Olive Flounder) there is just something adorably goofy about how these critters look. I finally revised a pattern and made up one of them.


Pet Rock

Per an anonymous guests request; a Pet rock with a bow tie. A lot of other individuals voted for this one- so I made up a pattern for it. Filled with pellets and stuffing so he is extra soft and squishy.



A cute goldfish that is soft and squishy for any fish-lover. The material is crossed between minky and fleece. This particular fish is one of a kind and freehanded; however a pattern is in the works.


Budgett’s frog

There is something about these frogs I always adored. This frog does have a pattern and is roughly 5-8 inches wide/long. Made with minky fleece and anti pill fleece.



Seeing there were a lot of requests for planarians; I put together a pattern. These planarians measure about 7-12 inches long and are soft, cuddly and above all- squishy! They also come in an adorable keychain version which will be posted at a later date.



Version 1 of a small 7-8 inch pillbug. Made with minky fleece and anti pill fleece.


Sea Butterfly

This is the new pattern for my Sea-butterfly. I have gone through so many versions;  finally settled on this one being the current version I would like to use- and YES! This one has a pattern!



Who wouldn’t want a cute, cuddly version of the blood sucking monsters mosquitoes can be? I seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes. This idea started when a friend of mine said to me “Kristina- you could make a MOSQUITO look cute!”. So I decided to take him up to the challenge. Prototype throw together….


Red Bellied Piranha

A Red Bellied Piranha has been on my to-do list for awhile now. Seeing I always adored these creatures I thought it was about time I developed a pattern for one. This was the first trial of a new pattern prototype and I must say- I really adore it.