Tylonproducts is a small American company dedicated to unique hand crafted items you cannot find anywhere else! We are best known for our unique stuffed animals and axolotls.

Hand Crafted in the USA

We are proud to say that we try to buy our supplies and materials from American businesses as much as we can; from the stuffing to pellets all the way to the cardstock we use for our tags; we are proud to be able to support American Businesses and the American Economy.


Visit Tylonproducts on our Storenvy site and see what we have up for sale. Each item is hand crafted; one of a kind that you will not find anywhere else. So please remember if you order an item- no two will ever look the same.

Tylonproducts on Storenvy


If you are within the New England area; check out and see what events we will be at. Feel free to refer to our EVENTS page for more details on upcoming events. We are local MA residents so that is where we will most likely be.

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Lastest Tylonproducts News

It is with a heavy heart that I would like to note- Tylonproducts will no longer be selling crafts and plush animals to the public; due to the new CPSIA laws in place and limited resources available to be compliant with such large changes. I apologize sincerely to those looking forward to new items and products. This is currently being looked into; however for the time being- items will only be sold on a case to case basis by private email only; to those over the age of 18 and collectors. Thank you.


Unique Crafts

Hand made just for you

Seeing we have a lot of requests for crazy animals; we decided we would like to hear from YOU! Is there a strange animal or creature you would like to see plush-i-fied? Fill out the contact form to the right and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Feel free to check out below what is on our current to do list along with some other latest happenings going on.

Current Plush Requests

Giant Isopod (SM, LG), Mosquito, Arowana, Albino Critters (Salamander, Frog), Filefish, Ocean Sunfish (more colors), Pillbug Pillow, Cicada, Lunar Moth, Dinosaur (velociraptor), Newt, Waxworm, Goldfish/Popeyed Goldfish, Snakehead (XL and M), Keychain Friends (Planarian, Axolotl, Salamanders, Frogs, etc), Red Bellied Piranha

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